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Hand made in Europe

We are proud to say that each bean bag is hand crafted and high quality. By offering the biggest assortment of indoor and outdoor beanbags options in Northern Europe, we also guarantee 100% chill for adults and children.

Refund Guarantee

We prefer the handiwork. Product quality control is observed in the process of manufacturing of bean bags, which is ensured by assigning a quality code in every phase of manufacturing. We provide the repayment guarantee for 30 days.

Practical furniture

Every Pusku pusku bean bag consists of two bags. The inside bag is easy to fill with beads, the outside bag is simple to wash or clean. Because of its low weight, our bean bags are easy to move.


The sensation of this year - FOAM BEAN BAGS! This is a whole new relax experience, truly luxury softness and comfort. You will enjoy super thought over models for ultimate your body relax and we are pretty sure that you will have a hard time leaving this super comfortably designed soft and satisfying bean bag.

SIDEWAY - Inspired by nature

Longing for calm and naturalness? Let‘s create your resting area making the set of bean bags. We offer a 100 % chill guarantee with bean bags made of Sideway fabric which contains cotton and linnen. Two persons can enjoy their free time on the sofa and one who prefers to have his own space can choose armchair-shaped bean bag.

Cocoon Murrr bean bag

NEWS - Children's best friend! Cocoon is a soft, multifunctional, handmade beanbag designed for children! This armchair, which adapts to the shape of each baby's body, is extremely comfortable, cozy and cute. Exclusively for this model, we have chosen a new fabric - a soft, short-haired fur, which is made without any chemicals (approval of compliance with REACH), so this fabric is especially suitable for children.

Gentle temperance of MooG

Solid-shaped bean bag MooG creates the impression of reticence reduced by the soft textures of wide amplitude of fabrics we offer. MooG is a bean bag which creates the impression of a massive piece of furniture, and therefore, it is best for the use in spacious homes or offices. Moreover, the bean bags we offer are easy to move/replace because of their low weight.


All you need to know about choosing a bean bag in the right way
All you need to know about choosing a bean bag in the right way
Nowadays, it‘s difficult to imagine a modern interior either at work or at home without modern-mobile interior accents – bean bags.
Hand made in Europe
Hand made in Europe
Pusku pusku bean bags are created with precision for details and from quality fabrics. We offer a choice of more than 1500 different bean bags created for modern people who seek new designs and uniqueness in every detail.
Bean bag TUBE - Lithuanian passion, Italian design!
Bean bag TUBE - Lithuanian passion, Italian design!
The story of TUBE have started when Remigijus Balciunas, CEO of Lithuanian brand Pusku pusku was visiting a design fair in Stockholm and met Francesco Costacurta there.


Our Clients

  • Tuborg
  • BMW
  • Carslberg
  • Finlandia
  • Nescafe
  • Nissan
  • Perrier
  • Puma



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