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Bean bag Razzmatazz
till -15 %
Razmatazzis a triangular bean bag for spacious home. A handmade soft piece of furniture is designed with extended sitting part, a backrest and headrest; the granules adapt to the body shape, so the bean bag is suitable for very tall people. The bean bag is equipped with an additional handle inside, so it is convenient to move it to different places in the room. Razzmatazz is a comfortable piece of furniture, often used on outdoor terraces, verandas, cottages or lofts. 

Bean bag Razzmatazz

155x120x95 cm
From € 237 More
Bean bag Seat
till -25 %
Seat is an armchair-shaped bean bag that has already become classic and has had its model design patented. Handmade bean bag is designed with a comfortable backrest and headrest; the granules inside it adapt to the body shape, so a person can have a pleasant relaxation. This soft piece of furniture is designed for different needs: it is convenient when you work or play computer games, watch movies, read books. SEAT is a universal bean bag, and therefore, suitable for the use in homes, cottages, conference rooms and events. 

Bean bag Seat

105x80x85 cm
From € 195 More
Bean bag Sofa Seat
till -20 %
Sofa Seat is a comfortable bean bag, which is the best alternative to conventional sofas. The model of handmade bean bag reminds a standard sofa, but as soon as you sit down, the granules adapt to the shape of your body, and it becomes even more comfortable; it is easy to move and go through any door. Several friends and family members can enjoy this bean bag at the same time. Sofa Seat is a universal sofa that is suitable for not only watching TV, but also cosy sitting by the fireplace, reading and working at the computer. 

Bean bag Sofa Seat

120x145x85 cm
From € 343 More
Bean bag Lounge 100
till -15 %
For more comfortLounge 100 is a stylish and comfortable beanbag, which is slightly wider than the regular Lounge model. With an extra-wide backrest and a rise in the seat, it ensures that your leg fatigue will disappear in no time. Lounge 100 is designed for larger spaces, such as terraces, lounges or spacious living rooms. It can provide a pleasant way for several people to rest together. 

Bean bag Lounge 100

140x100x80 cm
From € 356 More

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Heavenly pleasure

Soft and comfortable, adapts to the body shapes.

Faster than furniture

We will produce the bean bag in 3-5 days.

Universal use

Changeable and washable outer bag.

Variety of designs

Wide selection of fabrics and bean bag shapes.


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