Our business supports people of Ukraine. We donate 3 Eur of each bean bag sold to the Blue/Yellow support organization.
Biggest assortment in Northern Europe!
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Step 1. Choose bean bag model.

3 me

length160 cm

width: 30 cm 

height: 120 cm

1 me

length: 130 cm

width: 20 cm

height: 100 cm

Pear 80

length: 110 cm

width: 80 cm

height: 110 cm 

Pear 70

length: 100 cm

width: 70 cm

height: 100 cm 


length: 45 cm

width45 cm

height: 35 cm


length: 80 cm

width: 80 cm

height: 85 cm


length: 130 cm

width: 110 cm

height: 90 cm


length: 100 cm

width: 80 cm

height: 85 cm

Step 2. Embroidery or print?


Step 3. Choose fabric.



Suitable for outdoor use;

Water repellent fabric;

Fabric: 100%  Polyester;

Weight: 315g/m2;

Lightfastness: 5 / 8 (ISO 105-B02);

Washable at 40°C


Suitable for outdoor use;

Water repellent fabric;

Fabric: 2% PU, 83% PVC, 15% PES;

Weight: 600 g/m2;

Lightfastness: 7 / 8 (ISO 105-B02);



Suitable for indoor use;


Fabric: 100% Polyester;

Weight: 330 g/m2;

Lightfastness: 4/8 (ISO 105-B02);

Washable at 60°C

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Heavenly pleasure

Soft and comfortable, adapts to the body shapes.

Faster than furniture

We will produce the bean bag in 3-5 days.

Universal use

Changeable and washable outer bag.

Variety of designs

Wide selection of fabrics and bean bag shapes.


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