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Bean bags Sofa Tube

Sofa Tube is an Italian-designed sofa made for two people to rest comfortably.This bean bag model was created by an Italian product designer named Francesco Costacurta who represents a company called Why Not in Milan. This hand-made furniture is made with a comfortable backrest to lean against. The new inner bag technology ensures an especially comfortable rest that several family members will be able to enjoy simultaneously. This sofa can easily be carried over into another room, so this bean bag will become your favourite oasis of rest. Sofa Tube is a great choice for those looking for an alternative to ordinary sofas and a unique design solution for their home. Dimensions: 135 x 120 x 80

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Bean bags Sofa Seat

Sofa Seat is a comfortable bean bag, which is the best alternative to conventional sofas. The model of handmade bean bag reminds a standard sofa, but as soon as you sit down, the granules adapt to the shape of your body, and it becomes even more comfortable; it is easy to move and go through any door. Several friends and family members can enjoy this bean bag at the same time. Sofa Seat is a universal sofa that is suitable for not only watching TV, but also cosy sitting by the fireplace, reading and working at the computer. Dimensions: 130 x 90 x 75.

From € 299

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Bean bags Sofa Lounge

Sofa Lounge is a sofa-shaped bean bag for pleasant relaxation for two. A handmade soft piece of furniture is designed with a backrest and extended sitting part, so it is easy to rest on it and stretch your legs. This bean bag adapts to the body shape of a person; external slipcover can be taken off and cleaned up, and therefore, it is a great alternative to standard sofas. Sofa Lounge is a perfect choice for those, who have much space in their houses, homesteads and offices. Dimensions: 130 x 120 x 80.

From € 186

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Bean bags Sofa MooG

Sofa MooG is a sofa-shaped bean bag designed for royal relaxation for two. A handmade sofa is the best alternative to conventional sofas, because it goes through any door thanks to polystyrene granules inside it, and most importantly, it adapts to the body shapes of a person. This piece of furniture is suitable for both classical and modern interior; it is commonly used in spacious homes and big offices. Sofa MooG is a solid and comfortable bean bag for lovers of non-standard furniture. Dimensions: 90 x 180 x 65.

From € 427

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Biggest assortment in Northern Europe

We offer more than 1500 different options of bean bags for indoor and outdoor use. Pusku pusku bean bags are suitable for children and adults, for home and public spaces of recreation as well. 100 % chill guaranteed!

Refund Guarantee

We prefer the handiwork. Product quality control is observed in the process of manufacturing of bean bags, which is ensured by assigning a quality code in every phase of manufacturing. We provide the repayment guarantee for 30 days.

Practical furniture

Every Pusku pusku bean bag consists of two bags. The inside bag is easy to fill with beads, the outside bag is simple to wash or clean. Because of its low weight, our bean bags are easy to move.



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