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Bean Bags for Business

Improving Motivation: The Power of Bean bags

Pusku pusku bean bag Razz Nordic. Interior Designer: Ernesta André

We spend almost half of our life at work, so it isn’t surprising that each of us dream about working at the company that has colorful lounges for relaxation and creativity, offers team building activities and flexible working hours.

Pusku pusku bean bag Play OX

Nowadays, companies are constantly searching for ways how to create an exceptional atmosphere at work to improve work results. Also, stress is becoming a natural part of our work and companies put a lot of effort to reduce it. So, naturally, as employees’ motivation and productivity is understood as an essential part of a company’s success and profit, companies are looking for ways to improve working conditions for its most important resource. Thus, the goal of the companies becomes to create informal home atmosphere at work, this is why you can find bean bags, TVs and slippers in the modern offices. Motivation is encouraged by other activities as well, such as table football, Xbox, darts, scooters and so on.

Pusku pusku bean bags: Sofa MooG, MooG, Up!, Soft Table 60

Lounge zones in offices are an increasing trend, they encourage employees to think creatively, relax, spend time in an informal atmosphere and feel comfortable. Informal working environment helps to bring together teams which later is reflected in the successful execution of projects. Lounges zones serve a place for meetings, brainstorming, informal company’s events and breaks during the work day. By having a break in a calm area, employees can return to work being more productive.

Pusku pusku bean bag: Roll 100 Nordic

While creating a lounge, companies tend to choose soft bean bags instead of traditional furniture. Bean bags are light and mobile, it’s easy to carry them to a different location and adapt to the needs, whether it is a meeting or a break. They’re comfortable to sit in, also for a moment exchanging office chair to bean bag relaxes the back, it’s even possible to power nap and recharge for a day.

Pusku pusku bean bag: Roll 100 Nordic

The most investment to lounge zones are done by IT and advertising companies. The biggest bean bag producer in Lithuania Pusku pusku notices that more and more companies buy bean bags for their office lounge area. Often bean bags of various size have an embroidered or printed company’s logo on them and go to companies in Lithuania and abroad. These lounges make happy employees in companies like Adform, Nissan, Cognizant, Itella Logistics, Visma, Headex Group, Integrity PR, and many more.

Pusku pusku bean bag: Roll 100 Nordic

The ways how to motivate employees and increase their productivity are becoming more and more creative, so allowing to take a dog to the office or having an office golden fish isn’t an astonishing way to create a cozy environment anymore. Due to fast pace of living and increasing workload, breaks are essential and lounges seems like an excellent way how to keep employees satisfied and productive.

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