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Bean bag TUBE - Lithuanian passion, Italian design!


Manufacturer Pusku pusku, design by Whynot (2016), OX Collection           


The story of TUBE have started when Remigijus Balciunas, CEO of Lithuanian brand Pusku pusku was visiting a design fair in Stockholm and met Francesco Costacurta there. Francesco – Italian product designer from freelance designer group called “Why Not”, based in Milan area. 

Remigijus and Francesco developed a conversation about their professional lives. Furthermore, they have noticed that most of the bean bags have a shape that is not very defined and designed, due to soft materials. Also, most of the bean bags are one-colored because the fabric pieces are sewed in a way that does not permit an elegant combination of different colors or fabric textures. Thus, they decided to work together. 


          Remigijus Balciunas                              Francesco Costacurta with Juste Pavasaryte          

For this project Francesco Costacurta collaborated with Juste Pavasaryte, who is a Lithuanian product designer born in Kaunas, currently working in Italy. 

They had a goal to create a shape of the bean bag that is well defined and controlled. They wanted to find the element that would make the product recognizable and unique, but pleasant and neutral at the same time. 

Italian designer Francesco Costacurta and Lithuanian designer Juste Pavasaryte combined their thoughts and created a simple, but beautiful composition of colors and texture which can be used not only for outdoor but indoor as well. Together they developed the ideal comfort and style bean bag called TUBE for brand Pusku pusku. 

TUBE – a new generation of sitting bags!


TUBE offers:

·        significant change that stands out and offers benefit not only from a formal – aesthetic point of view,

         but also functionality;

·        a form that is recognizable and characteristic; 

·        a form that allows better control of the product’s shape; 

·        a shape of elliptic tube that was cut in diagonally and combined again; 

·        combination of these two parts that creates a stylish, simple and geometric composition;

·        more rigid backrest, providing more comfortable support for the back;

·        an extremely comfortable seat not only to relax, but also to work or read.



TUBE Technical data: 

·        Hand made

·        TUBE consist of two bags:

·        an inside bag, which is filled with a bean bag filling, i. e. polystyrene (EPS) beads;

·        an outside bag, which is easy to take off and wash or clean. 

·        All inside bags have zippers, which enables the manufacturer to regulate the quantity of the filling that

         determines softness of the bean bag.

·        Pulls of zippers are hidden under the seam of the cloth thus ensuring protection of the floor covering from damage.

·        With the aim to prevent the fire risk, non-flammable granules that are certified as conforming DIN 4102 standard

         are used for TUBE bean bags.

·        Soft woven labels are used for labelling TUBE bean bags.



Length: 115 cm, Height: 80 cm, Width: 70 cm, Volume: 360 L



Fabric OX – Youthful Flamboyance!

OX is a very bright and colorful fabric, especially suitable for youngsters. Actually, it is our most popular fabric. Why? We think that everyone wants to be young and have some piece of "Youthful Flamboyance".  Advertising companies love this fabric, because it is waterproof and they can place itin in indoor/outdoor events. OX is perfect for public, because it is suitable for hard use. The fabric is practical, because it can be cleaned or washed easily.

Fabric OX Technical data: 

  • ·        Suitable for Outdoor & Indoor   
  • ·        Breathable
  • ·        Water resistant
  • ·        Washable / Cleanable



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