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How to choose a bean bag

How to choose a good bean bag?

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A modern house is hardly imagined without bean bags that serve as modern-mobile interior details. In a short time they filled not only apartments but also and public spaces. Even though this innovative furniture is at its best times, experts say that people make mistakes when choosing bean bags that lead to shorter use and lower aesthetic value. Pusku pusku experts advise how to choose a bean bag for home and reveals how to achieve the best price-quality ratio.


Pusku pusku bean bags: Seat, Sofa seat, Soft Table 60

It is noticed that people often chooses bean bags guided by emotions rather than knowledge. In the first, it seems like and easy decision that does not require a specific information, however, a potential bean bag buyer should know the key things. Specialists at Pusku pusku distinguishes 6 things that can change the understanding about what is a high quality bean bag. They are inside and outside bags, bean bag size and shape, fabric, functionality, beads and stitches and zippers and all of them are discussed below.


First of all, it is recommended to find out if a bean bag has an inside bag. Sometimes if the outside bag is damaged (teared by animal or by accident), then a bean bag filling spills out on the floor. That is why it is advised to choose bean bag that has two bags – inside bag, which is filled with polystyrene beads, and outside bag, which can be taken to wash or clean (depending on the fabric).

Pusku pusku bean bags: Razz, Seat, Soft Table 40, Mini


Choosing size and shape of a bean bag often leads to the most discussions. Actually, everything is quite simple – a shape should be chosen according to the needs. If a bean bag will be carried around in different places, it is the best to choose “kids” option. These bean bags are in different heights, pear-shaped (models Game, Play, Roll 85) which is comfortable and has a handle to easily pick up the furniture and move it. Most popular bean bags are armchair, so called L-shaped like models Seat and Lounge. Strictly shaped bean bags are more suitable for living rooms and offices (models Razz, Moog). Another option is two-seater bean bags-sofas (models Sofa Seat, Sofa Moog). Also, there are poufs (models Up!, Mini, Softbox) which are short and practical.

Pusku pusku bean bags: Razz, Soft Table 60


Often it is forgotten to check what  of the bean bag is made and the decision is made on if it looks good or not. Bean bags are usually made from either soft polyester, mostly used for indoors, or artificial leather, which is suitable both indoors and outdoors. Artificial leather is recommended for those who have pets, because leather is easy to clean and animal hair do not stick to it. Bean bag should be made from two strong fabrics: elastic textile inside bag, filled with beads, and outside bag fabric that can be washed.

Pusku pusku bean bags: Seat, Soft Table 40


The fourth aspect is functionality. For outside, yard, terrace or lake shore, it is best to choose bean bags that are comfortable to sit and to put snacks and drinks. Bean bag-table (model Soft Table 40/60) is an innovative way to avoid having too much furniture in one space. When bean bags are arranged outdoors, it looks better when there are more of them, this way the space looks completed. When choosing a bean bag for home inside, it is important to evaluate the size of the apartment or the house so that it would not look crowded, but it is not necessary to decide on the certain location as bean bag can easily be carried to different corners of the room.

Pusku pusku bean bags: Sofa MooG, MooG, Soft Table 40, Soft Table 60

5.        BEADS (granules)

It is essential to pay attention to what is the filling of the bean bag. It can be filled with ground polystyrene foam, buckwheat grains or expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads. The heaviest and most expensive one is buckwheat grains, while ground polystyrene foam quickly wears out. So it is recommended to choose expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads. When making a decision about the bean bag filling, make sure that they are inflammable and has the certificate to prove it.

Pusku pusku bean bags filling


6.        STICHES and ZIPPERS

The sixth important thing when choosing a bean bag is stitches and zippers. If stitches are not strong, then it can become a serious issue as the bean bag will be torn up and will be needed to sew it again. It is crucial that stitches would be double and even, while edges of all textile elements (cut-outs) used for the manufacturing of bean bags are threaded-hemmed thus preventing the cloth from raveling and ensuring high quality of the product. For outside bags strong zippers with wide teeth should be used which allows to regulate the softness of the bean bag. If the bean bag is too hard, it can be unzipped and the beads can be taken out. Zippers also should be hidden under the fabric to avoid ruining the floor.


Pusku pusku bean bags stiches & zippers

These six advises will allow you completely change interior of the room and save some money. High quality bean bag guarantees that you will you use it more than one year. The good news is that bean bags (unlike the other furniture) are always fashionable!

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