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Outer bags Sofa MooG

Outer bag Sofa MooG Barcelona

  Exquisite velor

Barcelona is a velvet fabric that looks luxurious and modern in different interiors. This furniture fabric is breathable and features a special layer that prevents the rapid absorption of liquids. Barcelona’s short-pile surface is soft, meaning that not only will bean bags with this fabric be comfortable, they will also be pleasant to touch. No chemicals are used in the production of this slightly shimmering fabric (verified compliance with REACH) and it is suitable for interior use. If necessary, it is recommended to wash the bean bag cover at a temperature up to 30°C, dry cleaning is also possible. Give your home a touch of luxury with Barcelona fabric bean bags! Dimmensions: 100x195x65 cm

From € 336

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Outer bag Sofa MooG Home

  Certificated fabric

Home is a cosy fabric for a cozy and calm room where silence and stillness allows you to relax completely. It's suitable for mature people who are looking for furniture in pastel colors. It has an option of plain colors that can be combined together in the best way for your interior design. Don't worry if it gets dirty, you can simply take the outer bag off and wash it in a washing machine. Dimmensions: 100x195x65 cm

From € 256

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Outer bag Sofa MooG Nordic

  Certificated fabric

Nordic is an especially soft fabric for indoor use and very pleasant to touch. There is a wide variety of choice in Nordic pallet, so you can find both pastel and vivid colours. Combining these Scandinavian shades and fabric softness you can find the perfect solution for you home interior! Our fabric NORDIC has received a OEKO-TEX® 100 certificate. Nordic Fabric has a OEKO-TEX® 100 certificate that confirms that this furniture tapestry meets the international ecological standard OEKO-TEX®. This means that the Nordic material is high quality, completely safe to use, reliable, and contains no harmful substances and allergens, therefore it is particularly suitable for children. Dimmensions: 100x195x65 cm

From € 256

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Outer bag Sofa MooG Outside

  For outside use

Outside is a strong and durable artificial leather suitable for use both outdoors and indoors! Outside is a very practical material: it is easy to maintain, because any dust or dirt can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth. You can print extra-bright colours and high-quality images on the Outside fabric; therefore, it is highly recommended for companies wishing to advertise their brands. The artificial leather does not pose any hazards to human health (according to the Health Quality certificate), there are no harmful dyes (according to an Ecological test) and it meets the required hygiene standards (according to the Hygiene certificate). Outside fabric is child-friendly, as it contains no chemical substances (REACH conformity certification) and an important feature is its non-flammable certificate. Use the beanbag chairs made of this fabric anywhere and anytime! Dimmensions: 100x195x65 cm

From € 276

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Outer bag Sofa MooG OX


OX is a very bright and colorful fabric, especially suitable for youngsters. Actually, it is our most popular fabric. Why? We think that everyone wants to be young and have some piece of "Youthful Flamboyance!". Advertising companies love this fabric, because it is waterproof and they can place it in indoor events. OX fabric external cover is externally cleanable with a damp cloth. Dimmensions: 100x195x65 cm

From € 226

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Outer bag Sofa MooG Riviera

  For outside use

Riviera is the material that comes in a variety of pastel colours, which is suitable for use both in indoor and outdoor spaces. The fabric surface is provided with a special coating – the stain-free layer (teflon) offering lasting protection against dirt and moisture and ensuring run-off of spilled fluids (preventing absorption). Riviera is child-friendly as it contains no chemical substances (REACH conformity certification) and easy-care – the top surface impurities can be easily wiped off and the external case is suitable for machine wash at 40°C. This is a breathable fabric, which is suitable for temporary outdoor use: on porches, terraces, beaches and pool areas. Riviera fabric – a practical choice inspired by the Mediterranean Sea! Our fabric RIVIERA has received a OEKO-TEX® 100 certificate - it is particularly suitable for children. Dimmensions: 100x195x65 cm

From € 160

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Biggest assortment in Northern Europe

We offer more than 1500 different options of bean bags for indoor and outdoor use. Pusku pusku bean bags are suitable for children and adults, for home and public spaces of recreation as well. 100 % chill guaranteed!

Refund Guarantee

We prefer the handiwork. Product quality control is observed in the process of manufacturing of bean bags, which is ensured by assigning a quality code in every phase of manufacturing. We provide the repayment guarantee for 30 days.

Practical furniture

Every Pusku pusku bean bag consists of two bags. The inside bag is easy to fill with beads, the outside bag is simple to wash or clean. Because of its low weight, our bean bags are easy to move.



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