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Gytis Kinderevičius

Wrote: Gytis Kinderevičius 2016-08-26

Great products, great client service and overall a great company!
Answered Pušku pušku

Answered: Pušku pušku

Thank you!
Aleksas M

Wrote: Aleksas M 2017-09-11

best quality and truly handmade beanbags. also great after-sales support and quick communication
Answered Pušku pušku

Answered: Pušku pušku

Thank you!
Šarūnė Gadliauskaitė

Wrote: Šarūnė Gadliauskaitė 2017-09-12

Great, soft and cozy bean bags, perfect quality, every year i am washing it on washing machine, and it looks like new every time.Thanks Pusku pusku
Kristupas Stumbrys

Wrote: Kristupas Stumbrys 2017-10-19

I saw what a perfect XXL bean bag looks like a few years ago. Even though Razzmatazz is about 2/3 of the perfect size, the quality is outstanding! It breaks my heart that I have to give 4 out of 5, but I honestly think they could improve a few things: The packaging needs a bit of an improvement, the two layer transparent plastic bag comes with tiny holes and tears from delivery. The product itself is undamaged (credit to the quality), but maybe some extra cost for a sturdy cloth packaging (maybe with some logos for a better unpacking experience) and we're good to go. Any damage to that type of packaging would mean potential damage to the product. This whole thing may be optional for extra cost; The bean bag came with quite a few loose strings. It took me only a minute to ged rid of them, but would be a nice extra touch for your team to get rid of them; Improve SEO, so if you type really big / huge bean bag, you would get a few pictures in google's main page. I went trough a lot of sites to come back, but a really good first impression would make the decision to order from you that much more easier to decide. I hope that after I buy a second bean bag from you, I can edit this review to be 5/5. I wish you to become even better!
Answered Pušku pušku

Answered: Pušku pušku

Thank you Kristupas, for your honest review and advice's. In the future, we are promising to do our best!
Modestas Taranda

Wrote: Modestas Taranda 2018-10-07

Fantastic customer service and even better products :) would highly recommend.

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Heavenly pleasure

Soft and comfortable, adapts to the body shapes.

Faster than furniture

We will produce the bean bag in 3-5 days.

Universal use

Changeable and washable outer bag.

Variety of designs

Wide selection of fabrics and bean bag shapes.


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