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Medium space

The living room is undoubtedly the most important room in the house. Even if the living room in your home is small, decorating it could make it feel cozy and positive. For medium-sized spaces, we recommend individual bean bags and sofas, with a soft pouf or table to match. These pieces of furniture will make your living room a great place to read, meditate, chat, or just spend a quiet evening.

Small space

The right layout and choice of furniture can transform a small space from cluttered and messy to cozy and calm. It is important to choose a sofa or armchair that is proportionate to the size of the space, and if more seating is needed, we suggest using small poufs. If you have a small living room space but want a special place to relax every day after work, go for individual bean bags: wider armchairs or smaller sofas. These bean bags are cozy, comfortable, and perfect for when you want to curl up and watch a movie or read your favorite book. The bean bags are not only strikingly comfortable but also stylish, practical, and light.

Bean bags Foam Bean bags Outdoor Bean bags Indoor bean bags Poufes Armchairs Sofas Loungers

Heavenly pleasure

Soft and comfortable, adapts to the body shapes.

Faster than furniture

We will produce the bean bag in 3-5 days.

Universal use

Changeable and washable outer bag.

Variety of designs

Wide selection of fabrics and bean bag shapes.


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